An introduction to Docviser Oncology Digital Platform

November 23, 2021
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An introduction to Docviser Oncology Digital Platform

The fight against cancer is a challenge of a lifetime for physicians, oncology researchers, and of course, patients. Therefore, it seems logical to accept all the help available. And if it's not information technology, where do you look for help in an era of digitalization? However, despite the great expectations of improving patient care and reducing error and workload, leveraging data and insights from basic and clinical cancer studies remains a challenge.

The Challenge

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), an estimated 9.96 million people died from a form of cancer in 2020 alone. Furthermore, there were an estimated 19.29 million new cases registered worldwide in that same year. Along with this, cancer is the first or second leading cause of death before age 70 in 112 of 183 countries and the third or fourth leading cause of death in 23 other countries. The setting in Romania is not looking promising either. WHO expects an increase in the number of annual new cancer cases of 8.2% until 2040. graphic all cancers

Source: International Agency for Research on Cancer

There is an overwhelming amount of data to deal with in the medical field. Both cancer treatment and research are still mostly considered data-poor because much data is not electronically collected, structured, or integrated into IT systems. Transforming biomedical research, particularly cancer research, into a data-driven environment requires a strong effort to empower people and infrastructure. One important area to focus on should be electronic health records. They must provide structured information to be useful for research beyond what can be presented on paper. Existing IT solutions alone cannot treat patients. They must be employed by caregivers in all medical professions. When implemented correctly, it can open a window of opportunity for faster research, more information and treatment options, and ultimately better patient outcomes.

If you have been presented the opportunity to provide and manage the information to prevent an adverse outcome, you would be foolish not to pursue this avenue. That’s why we created Docviser.

Our solution

What is Docviser?

Docviser is a medical platform created for a single goal – saving lives. It was developed with the direct involvement of oncology doctors, tailored for their needs. It streamlines the flow of information from the patient to doctors, medical staff, and pharmacists by providing real-time progress on the treatment protocol status.

what is docviser

Docviser is an app that is paving its way into providing quick care management for cancer patients and provides:

1. Improved health data collection

Having accurate and up-to-date data is crucial for a high-quality medical service, especially when human lives are at stake. Therefore, the app allows doctors to collect and store essential data for every patient from basic data like vitals, weight, height, age, sex, to more complex as past diagnosis and treatment protocols, electronic medical files, etc. Based on that, there is the possibility to create great strides in the centralization and efficiency of patient care information. Furthermore, having electronic health records (EHR) unlocks the ability to generate structured reports of the patient’s health condition.

2. More accurate diagnosis

Every patient and case is different, so due to the multitude of variables and factors accounted for in the medical field, sometimes it is very confusing for a doctor to make an accurate diagnosis. Therefore, by having on hand all the necessary patient’s health condition data consolidated, it becomes much easier for a specialist to assign a diagnosis, considerably minimizing errors. This, at the end of the day, increases the effectiveness of patient treatment.

3. Customized treatment protocols for every patient

Since there are already EHRs and a confident diagnosis for every patient, the app aids doctors to prescribe the most accurate medicine with the right dosage and chemical compositions by displaying recommended treatment protocols from which the oncologist can choose from or, if is the case, assign a different treatment.

4. The capability to track the medicine administration

After the doctor gives a diagnosis and assigns the appropriate treatment for the patient, the protocol is validated by the app. The case information about the treatment is then shared with the pharmacists to prepare the necessary drug. Furthermore, doctors can appoint caregivers to schedule and administer the required medication to the patient.

5. The ability to communicate between doctors and physicians


Docviser enables cross clinic treatment protocols of patients, meaning that doctors can consult and ask for opinions from other specialists that are using the app. Communication can be done via videoconference, comments, and notes, or call. At the same time, the patient case folders can be shared and viewed, allowing for more effective interaction and circumstance understanding.

6. Increased interaction with the patients

By having on-demand this capability, patients can schedule meetings with the doctor, review the medicine administration status, and most importantly have online consultations. This is a crucial feature for patients, especially ones from the rural areas and in today’s context of the Covid 19 pandemic. Furthermore, by providing remote medical consultation, a medical institution can have a far broader customer reach and decrease hospital bottlenecks by also considerably reducing the waiting time of the patients.

7. Cost and time management

When analyzing the involved costs in providing medical care for cancer patients, it is obvious that the medical system needs a helping hand. As exemplified by multiple other hospitals that employed IT systems, digitalizing processes and outputs significantly reduce hospitals operation costs. Moreover, it serves as a handy schedule and treatment progress tracking tool.

Do you want to know the best part about this platform? All the things mentioned above are done at the same time. Taking care of patients, building a database, reducing costs, and increasing the service experience along with working experience.

Final Thoughts

The thing that is going to distinguish a certain healthcare institution from the other is going to be the ability to recognize the information and data that they are generating and to use that information productively for patient care. Docviser is designed to become the hub for cancer treatment services in the healthcare industry. This platform will evolve into an indispensable tool for medical centers. If used accordingly it can open new horizons in cancer treatment and research and not only. It can revolutionize the healthcare systems as we know them by using machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data, and other smart technologies. As the population is going to get more familiar with the use of new tech in providing medical care, the use of wearable medical devices and virtual reality should not be underestimated.

As the number of sick people does not seem to decrease in the future, the medical systems need to evolve and become more efficient. So we might as well bring all our weapons together in the never-ending war named cancer.

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